What We Believe

What a church believes is central to who they are!   At Faith Baptist Church, we believe that there is one God who was has been revealed in three Persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We believe that God created all things, yet mankind messed up God's perfect Creation by rebelling against Him (sin).  Because of sin, all creation and all mankind is on a path of destruction.  One day God will judge all people and the punishment for sin is eternal death in Hell.   However, in His love, God made a way for humans to be spared the punishment of their sins by taking on that punishment Himself.  Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died on our behalf so that we can be forgiven.  That salvation cannot be earned, but is given to us through faith in Jesus Christ.   Like the name of our church, faith is central to what it means to be a Christian.  We are now seeking to live by faith and to share the good news of salvation with others.   For a more detailed description of our beliefs, see below.

"We walk by faith, not by sight."

2 Cornthians 5:7

  • About Salvation

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  • About Jesus

    We believe that Jesus Christ, the second person of the Godhead, came to earth to be the ultimate sacrifice for our sin.  God loved humans so much He designed a plan for them to be saved.  This plan required a perfect sacrifice to take the death punishment on their behalf.  Only God Himself was worthy of completing such a task.  Jesus was born into the world in a miraculous way -- through a virgin birth.  He lived a sinless life during His entire thirty-three years on the earth.  He spent three and a half years teaching the ways of God and doing miraculous signs.  Then he allowed Himself to be arrested, tried, and sentenced to death simply because He claimed to be God.  He was beaten, mocked, tortured, and nailed to a wooden cross where He hung until He died.  We believe that during this time He was taking on the sin punishment in place of sinners like us.   Jesus' body was placed in the grave, but then three days later He rose bodily from the grave to prove His power over sin and death.  Jesus lives even today in Heaven, and He is preparing a place for all believers to live with Him forever and will one day come back to set all things right and to rule and reign in a perfect kingdom.  

  • About Sin

    We believe that Adam and Eve, who were originally created perfect, chose to rebel against God.  As a result, sin came upon them and all their descendants, the entire human race.  We believe that all humans are sinners, both by nature and deed.  We believe that sin separates people from God, just as it did for Satan and also for Adam and Eve.  Sin requires death as punishment.  The Old Testament sacrifices were a constant reminder that death had to occur because of people's sin.

  • About God

    We believe there is only one God who has revealed Himself to us in three persons -- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  We believe He created all things and is therefore far above all things.  The Bible reveals God to us -- His characteristics, His actions, and His words.  He is both loving and jealous, both patient and vengeful, both kind and a righteous judge.  In all, He is completely holy, right, and good.  He is worthy of our honor, confidence, and love.

  • About the Church

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  • About the Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit, the third person of the Godhead, has been active in the world since the beginning of creation and He continues even now.  He convicts people of their sin and draws them to Christ for salvation.  He seals the believer's salvation, He guides the believer through his or her life, and He gifts each believer with a spiritual gift.  This gift is given to the believer so he or she can be involved in doing the work of God in the world.

  • About End Times

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  • About the Bible

    We believe the Bible (all sixty-six books) is God's Holy Word.  It was inspired by God (meaning the Holy Spirit guided men to write the exact words that He wanted).  We believe those orginal documents were completely without error -- exactly what God wanted to say.  We believe God preserved copies of those original documents from which our current Bible translations have been made.  We believe that the Bible, since it is God's Word, should be the guidebook for all of the Christian's life.